Thursday, December 3, 2009

Two Pagans now hold office in these United States

The first is Dan Halloran a Lawyer who was elected to New York City council on the Republican ticket.

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"NY-23 wasn’t the only race on Tuesday night in New York, city residents also voted to fill a vacant city council seat to work alongside that bastion of conservatism Mike Bloomberg. A Republican won the seat; Dan Halloran became the first openly pagan city councilmen

Dan Halloran became a city council member for New York’s 19th district despite having one thing going against him that his opponent tried to use. Dan Halloran is a pagan, an openly practicing pagan who worships Odin and other Norse gods. All of you comic book buffs out there know Oden as the father of Thor. Maybe he helped Dan Halloran bring it home on Tuesday.

Halloran was raised Catholic but had an epiphany after his father died when he was a senior in high school, that’s when he started to study his family heritage which ultimately led him into the religion of Theodism. Theodism is a form of Norse Paganism that worships, like I said before, comic book character’s fathers. (I’m sure I’ll catch it for that one)


The other is Jessica Orsini. A Transgender woman who got elected on the Democratic ticket in City of Centralia, Missouri,


How cool is this!?

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